I'm still riding the high of unlocking Tunic's secret language

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I'm still riding the high of unlocking Tunic's secret language

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The other day, I was chopping grass and kicking ass in Tunic when my friend Alex joined the Discord channel. "Where are you right now?" he asked in an uncharacteristically serious voice. Alex had turned me on to Tunic a few days earlier and we'd been swapping stories and sharing secrets the same way people who grew up in the '90s always talk about having done on the playground. For a while, that's all I thought Tunic was: an extremely well-made, impossibly gorgeous Zelda game with some clever puzzles and hidden doors. Turns out, Tunic has secret homework.

I told Alex I was on the verge of finding the third hexagon tablet thing—the last item needed to complete Tunic's version of the triforce. Then Alex, who had been a few hours ahead of me in Tunic, suddenly got vague about what he'd been up to. "Let me know when you get the thing."

Cut to a few days later, and the two of us are excitedly blurting out nonsense at each other like "No no! Two bottom lines means it's 'eeee' not 'oooo!'" and "Is D just an upside down T?" while our other friends wonder if we've been the victims of a gas leak. We did sound a little silly, but I promise it makes sense if you've read Tunic's manual.
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