Super Mario Party

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Super Mario Party

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Super Mario Party is a party game which is developed by NDcube and is published by Nintendo. It was first released on the platform of Nintendo Switch in 2018. Super Mario Party includes more than 80 mini-games, so players will not feel repetitive and bored easily. It is my favorite party game. 

There are a total of five game modes in the game such as Mario Party mode, Partner Party mode, River Survival mode, Sound Stage mode and Toad’s Rec Room mode. Each game mode has its own characteristics. In Mario Party mode, it allows four players to play. Players take turns to roll dice and race across the game board. Players need to collect as many starts as he or she could in order to win this mode. Players can select different characters before starting the game. Each character has their own dice. Some dice have high risk but high rewards. Players need to select their own strategy such as, high risk or low risk in order to pick the character who fits players’ play style. Furthermore, players can collect other game characters in the game mode. Those characters can share their dice block for the players and assist players in the mini-games. Those mini-games are important as mini-games usually provide money to players which can help players to purchase stars. Mario Party mode is one of my favorite game modes as it is competitive and fun while you are playing with your friends.

Partner Party mode is my other favorite game mode as it requires teamwork and strategy with your partner. As it is a 2 vs 2 game modes, it requires players to communicate with their teammates in order to play against another team. The player rolls his or her dice together with his or her partner. Then the number of both rolls will be combined in order to determine how many spaces they are able to move in that turn. And here is the place why communication and strategy is pivotal. As they need to come up with a route in order to take as many items and stars as they can. They also can make different dice combinations by using different dices. It is definitely a fun mode for players to cooperate with each other.

River Survival mode is a team cooperation mode. Four players need to work together in order to pass through all the obstacles and mini-games. However, the difficulty of this mode is too easy compared with the Mario Party mode. That makes the game not challenging and a little boring. Players need to finish the winding river course in a limited time.

Sound Stage mode is a rhythm game. Players are required to shake their Joy-Con controller in order to hit the right beat of the music. Hitting the right beat can gain the most points in this mode. This mode is good for players to take a rest before playing other modes again.
I highly recommend this party game if you do not purchase any party game before as it provides lots of mini-games which players will not feel bored easily. As it is a party game, if you are going to play this game alone, you may want to pick another one. Playing with your friends can enjoy the best gameplay experience of the game. 

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