Razer unveils smart mask and gaming chair with a rollout display

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Razer unveils smart mask and gaming chair with a rollout display

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Project Hazel features
This is a transparent mask and the company touts it to be the “most intelligent mask ever created.” It comes with a wireless charging case that has a UV light lining inside that acts as a disinfectant for bacteria and viruses as the mask charges. Users can get to know that the battery is charged as it glows from red to green when charging is complete.

RAZER Mask -

The mask comes with an inbuilt microphone and amplifier so that what you want to speak isn’t muffled. The smart mask offers more than 16 million colors and effects and customisable lighting zones as well.

The mask can also be custom shaped to fit your face. It also packs an active ventilation system which releases the hot air that you breathe out so that vapour does not from inside of the mask. This smart mask has been made from recycled plastic and offers water and dust resistance. You can also replace its filters and ventilators.

RAZER Project Brooklyn Gaming Chair -

A chair that every gamer would want to have at his house, the gaming chair from Razer features a 60-inch rollout curved OLED display. The gaming chair can transform into a full-fledged entertainment rig delivering what the company calls “total immersion”.

The 60-inch display sits at the back of the chair when not in use. The chair also has a compact table tucked into its armrest and lets its users switch between console and PC gaming. The chair is powered by the company’s Chroma RGB lighting and has leather-stiched seat for your comfort.
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