The Damned Pirates Society

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The Damned Pirates Society

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What is The Damned Pirates Society?

The Damned Pirates Society NFT's allow you to earn Treasure Maps. These will be used within our gamified contracts to go on voyages, earn chests as rewards and use these to upgrade your Flagship, build your aramada and more!

Each Pirate has on-chain skill data which will increase the likelihood of completing voyages successfully, earning more chests & ulitmately more Doubloons.

As you earn Doubloons, you can upgrade your flagship and your fleet, taking on more difficult contracts with greater rewards.

Contracts will vary in difficulty and success is not guaranteed, so setting up your fleet prior to your voyage is crucial!

Skill based rewards is new to Moonriver, have fun in De-Fi like never before and rise to the top of the Pirate Fleet!

Game Link - ... it-website
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