2020 All-Star Event Announcement

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2020 All-Star Event Announcement

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All-Star is a celebration of our sport’s most-loved personalities. We know fans look forward to ASE as a time to come together for some friendly global competition - so we aimed to include as much inter-regional gameplay as possible.

With All-Star going online, pros and influencers will be playing from their home or regional studio. That means a new format, divided into two stages: Underdog Uprising and Superstar Showdown.

Underdog Uprising
Friday, December 18th will be a packed day of head-to-head matches between neighboring regions, with smaller regions aiming to upset their nearest powerhouse. Teams will be made up of top pros as voted by fans.

Source: https://lolesports.com/.../2020-all.../ ... d08e600fba

Announcing the 2020 League of Legends All-Star Lineup!
https://lolesports.com/article/announci ... QsB4RhYDig

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We made it All 12 leagues have drafted and we didnt lose any participants. Thanks for your patience, and sorry to those of you that I was pestering to get your teams in.


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